Grab your bag! We're packing for your staycation!

Grab your bag! We're packing for your staycation!

by Gaby Pritchard


We all know that packing is a love-hate task, and can sometimes make or break a holiday – never mind the arguments caused by packing too! Many of us find ourselves packing and repacking our bags over and over again, in fear that we have forgotten something, and that’s even before you’ve thought about what happens if there is a sudden change of weather!

Now after lockdown, following the most challenging year, we may probably ever face in our lifetime, sadly the pandemic has crushed many of our hopes and dreams for a blissful getaway to the sun it up on a beach somewhere. Instead, 2021 is the year of the staycation, and after being confined to the same four walls, any taste of adventure and travel again is at the forefront of everyone’s minds – so a staycation it is (fingers crossed it doesn’t rain). Minikidz has made packing a little easier with a guide on what to pack for different types of staycations.



Come on… camping isn’t as bad as it sounds – you’ve just got to be prepared and hope it doesn’t rain! There is nothing quite like the clean air of the countryside or seaside to reawaken your senses. After being stuck inside for the best part of a year, getting off the beaten track and into the great outdoors couldn’t be a better plan, but if you’re not a regular camper you might be lost over what to pack.

Deciding with what to wear at night is the perfect starting point because no one wants to be shivering themselves to sleep and ruining the next day from being sleep deprived. We would 100% recommend wearing a full set of pyjamas, it can get very chilly at night, even with a thermal sleeping bag.

If you’re going on a hike then a set of activewear or comfy shorts would be the ideal outfit. You should also think about taking plenty of loungewear options for your camping trip. These will be good for layering and keeping you warm – and really who wants to be climbing in and out of a tent wearing jeans?


‘Fancy’ Lodge Staycation

Hands down the most popular choice for both couples and getaways with friends, the perfect chance for a change of scenery and a dip in a hot tub – what more could you ask for!

Some people’s idea of the perfect holiday is doing absolutely nothing, whilst for some, the thought of spending a weekend in a secluded lodge with nothing to do sends others running for the hills – literally. If you plan on absolutely doing nothing on your getaway, you have to pack some loungewear because comfort is key, and other than being naked, is the comfiest option. Given that joggers and hoodies are one of the major trends this year, you’ll get your wear out of it back home too.


Family Staycation – What to Pack for your Kids?

A family staycation is the perfect family break brimming with tons of adventure and fun. As well as needing kid-proof clothing for the climbing trees and rigorous activities awaiting you this holiday, remember you’re not that far from home! It’s impossible to predict that the weather as you would if you were jetting off to the tropics. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back to make sure you pack the proper clothing.

After a long day of activities, the kids will be so tired, they’ll be drooling over the idea of getting into bed and going to sleep. Yes, you might actually get a good night’s sleep for once! Although, being away from home may unsettle the younger ones, so being equipped with a Minikidz baby comforter or Minikidz blanket is a must. You don’t want the little one screaming down the park at 2 am… so, take note: don’t forget the comforter! 

Since you will be doing lots of different activities every day, take a few changes of clothes. Remember to pack lots of underwear because let’s face it, who wants to be stuck wearing wet knickers for the rest of the day after falling into the lake?

 …and if you forget everything just remember to SPF and keep hydrated!


The team wish you a great time. Enjoy your well-deserved break!


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