How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

by Gaby Pritchard


Who doesn’t love a picnic in Summer? Whether it’s with the family, full of games and snacks, or a romantic one filled with prosecco and strawberries – there is a picnic for everyone. They don’t take a lot of planning, just a little bit of preparation. Not to worry, we have a few tips on how to create the perfect picnic for you and your guests.


First thing’s first you need to know where you will be having the picnic, whether it’s at the park, the beach or on the top of a hill it’s a good idea to plan, especially if you’ve chosen the beach. You and me both know that sand and food together can be a little challenging and you could leave you consuming more sand than food, especially on a windy day – and no one likes sand sandwiches! Another question to ask yourself before choosing a spot is ‘where is the nearest toilet?’, because you don’t want to drink your body weight in lemonade and having to cross your legs for the rest of the day! 

Food, food and more food

Yes, the best part of the picnic but you don’t want to have it ruined by your coleslaw ending up bursting all over your new picnic basket. Make sure you keep different types of food separate and use air tight plastic containers – and not ones you got your Chinese takeaway in the night before, as you don’t want any spillages.  Don’t forget cutlery, napkins and glasses – you don’t want to be literally drinking from the bottle…

Our favourite picnic foods which are practical to take are: fruits like strawberries or grapes that don’t require cutting up, fresh bread, crisps, crudites and dip, halloumi and pepper skewers, salad, a cheese board, empanadas and brownies. Just make sure to keep it quick and easy, and think about whether the food will last throughout the day.


What do I wear?

A day sprawled out on a throw on the floor with an Olympics of outdoor games- comfort is certainly key. For a picnic with family or friends, cycling shorts with an oversize t-shirt and trainers is the ideal option to avoid the embarrassment of the wind catching your skirt. Another outfit choice is to keep it casual in jogger shorts and a t-shirt, and don’t forget a sweatshirt to layer up in, as I’m sure you’ll know how unpredictable the UK weather is.  

Oh, and one last thing don’t forget your Bluetooth speaker every picnic needs music!


Minikidz hope you have the best time!

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