by Gaby Pritchard


To some, story time will only be a tactic to get your little ones peacefully off to sleep. Well, I can’t argue with that one, but there’s honestly more to it! It unlocks their limitless imagination from a young age and develops their literacy skills, so that by the time school comes around they will already be a little genius.

If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few tips to help you and your bubba along your reading journey, and how to make it enjoyable for you both!


Get comfy  

This one's for you both! After all, it’s bedtime and you want to feel relaxed and ready for sleep once you’ve finished reading. Make sure you’re wearing your comfiest pyjamas and slippers. Pop your little one into their baby grow, wrap them up in a soft waffle blanket and give them a baby comforter to snuggle down with. Comfy? It’s time to begin…


Start with your favourites

Do you have a favourite bedtime book that brings back whimsical memories from your childhood? It will be obvious to your baby if you really love the book and will fascinate them into holding their attention for longer – not forgetting you’ll have more fun too!


Let them turn the pages

If you let your baby turn the pages this will keep them drawn into the book and help them to understand how reading works. Although you might want to keep hold of the book, as you don’t want it to end up in their mouth in a puddle of slobber and ruin the ‘happy ever after’.


Have a reading routine

Yes, it sounds very boring…but as you’ll probably know babies and children thrive with set routines. Try to reduce loud noises and distractions as much as possible, so your little one’s mind doesn’t wander off; you only want their mind drifting further into their imagination. By having silence and calmness, it will make the time you spend together really special and memorable.


Have fun!

Read in silly voices, make sock puppets and don’t forget to have lots of fun! It’s the perfect time for you and your baby to bond and you’ll be giving them the best start for their future that they deserve.

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